What’s in the name?


“Failure is not an option” – a grandiose statement and not at all appropriate for an up and coming blog such as this but if you don’t aim for the moon you can’t land among the stars.

I decided to call my blog this purely because it is my favourite quote of all time. It was uttered by Gene Kranz, the flight director on the doomed Apollo 13 moon mission or at least it was in the Ron Howard film about the 1970 mission by the actor Ed Harris who played Kranz.

It was the title of Kranz’s autobiography  and it adorns countless items of NASA merchandise including a t-shirt that I wear with pride, which is probably a bit sad. 

The line became most relevant to me when my dad said it while I was doing my Leaving Certificate, the Irish equivalent of A-Levels. I was worried and stressed that I might not get the results I wanted to get me into journalism at LJMU. My father’s reply was: “Look, you’ve just got to get the marks, think like those NASA guys: ‘Failure is not an option'” – and it transpired, with those words ringing in my ears, that I got the marks, got into Liverpool and two years on here I am. What a lovely story, no? 

But aside from its relevance to my own personal achievements, I believe “Failure is not an option” is a saying that should be applied to all endeavours in life. Sure you may fail sometimes but if you approach everything you attempt with a positive mindframe and a belief that failure is not a possibility then you will go a long way towards achieving whatever your goals are.

There’s my bit of inspiration for the day. Now go off and do great things, like buy bread to make a bacon sandwich which is exactly what I’m going to do!