Suarez, Republican battles and tweet fail MPs: what I’ve been writing about lately

New Year and some old resolution about promising to update this blog more.

In reality that probably won’t happen and the reason it hasn’t been updated since, woah, September is due largely to my full-time employment with – a happy outcome in this strange and still relatively new post-university life that has seen me relocated to Dublin, but still partially pining for Liverpool.

Still, it’s not as if I am missing out on the big news from there, namely the Luis Suarez-Patrice Evra race row as I am diplomatically calling it. I’ve written a couple of pieces about it for Dale Street Associates, the Liverpool Echo/Daily Post blog, which I try to contribute to on a regular basis.

I wrote in the aftermath of the FA’s original announcement of Suarez’s eight-game ban and also the subsequent fall out from the publication of the now infamous 115 page document detailing the reasons behind the ban, a piece which also appeared on JMU Journalism.

I’m also keeping a close eye on matters in the United States where Republican candidates are slugging it out in the battle to be their party’s nominee to face Barack Obama in the presidential election this autumn. It’s all pretty unsavoury but I reckon it’s the ultra-robot Romney who has it in the bag and I explained why in this piece for

On Friday, I also reported on Diane Abbott’s unfortunate tangle with Twitter…And you can keep up to date on all of my work with here.

As for 2012, well I will endeavour to update this blog a bit more but can’t promise anything. I am aiming to run a marathon again in 2012, perhaps I can keep you up to date on my training but since I haven’t begun that yet, there is nothing to report.

Happy New Year!

Finishing the Liverpool Marathon, October 2011 (Picture: Vegard Grott)


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