News Picks: Arizona Shootings, King Kenny, Band of Brothers, Murdoch

Arizona shootings

Congress members will carry arms – Some US congress members have confirmed they will carry their firearms while back in their home states in light of the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords at the weekend. So far one Democrat and one Republican say they will carry their guns as is their right. Another Republican congressman wants to install plexiglas in the gallery of congress.

Loughner’s parents set to speak – The estranged parents of the alleged shooter Jared Lee Loughner are set to make their first comments since the shooting on Saturday. Both are said to be “devastated” by what’s happened.

Politico lead the way in shooting coverage – The Poynter Institute has a good summary of how journalists at Politico, the US political news website, led the way with their coverage in the aftermath of the shooting, posting dozens of stories within hours of the news filtering through from Arizona.

Liverpool FC

How will Dalglish’s Liverpool play? – An interesting overview on The Guardian sports blog that speculates on just how King Kenny will set up his Liverpool team which considers his previous tactics both successful at Liverpool and Blackburn and unsuccessful at Newcastle and Celtic.

War Hero

Central figure in ‘Band of Brothers’ dies at 92 – Major Richard “Dick” Winters, a decorated World War II hero celebrated in the stunning ‘Band of Brothers’ TV series, died recently and was buried this past weekend at a private funeral. Tom Hanks summed it up best in describing the man: “When our days run their course and a man like Dick Winters leaves us, time and providence remind us that human beings can do giant things.”


Murdoch and Jobs to launch iPad only paperMedia tycoon Rupert Murdoch and Apple CEO Steve Jobs will appear on stage together later this month (January 19) to launch the new ‘newspaper’ The Daily which Murdoch is pumping a shedload of money into and will be available only on the iPad. Will it be a hit?


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