News Picks: Bonuses, Miliband, Hodgson, Obama, Bachmann


Robert Peston: Bank bonuses to run to billions BBC reporting tonight that despite widespread calls for a curb on banking bonuses they will in fact run to billions in the latest round of payments. Business editor Robert Peston, is as always, an invaluable read in such situations.


Ed Miliband’s first 100 days – Good feature on the BBC to coincide with Ed Miliband’s first 100 days as leader of the Labour Party, looking at the first 100 days of other UK party leaders down through the years.


Roy departure may not be enoughA worrying story from the well connected Sid Lowe in Spain on The Guardian tonight, detailing that Liverpool’s star players may not be appeased by the now inevitable sacking of Roy Hodgson.


New WH chief of staff an “ex-nemesis” of ObamaBarack Obama has appointed a new chief of staff to replace Peter Rouse who had been holding the position temporarily since the departure of Rahm Emanuel last year. The new man, William Daley, is the brother of the current Chicago mayor Richard Daley whom Emanuel is looking to follow in the footsteps of when the election for city leader is held later this year. All of which makes it look very much like Obama is staying inside a close knit group of fellow Chicagoans but as The Daily Beast points out, William Daley has been no friend to the Obama administration.

Watch out Palin – Michele Bachmann is the latest Tea Partier to throw her hat into the the already crowded ring of potential Republican nominees for president in 2012. The US representative from Minnesota once said that God told her to run for congress.

That’s it for tonight. A short one but hope it’s been somewhat useful and insightful.


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