From the Conference to the Champions League

Predictably, this blog was woefully neglected in the closing months of my university life.

I was dealing with dissertation, essay and final project deadlines, exams and making sure I had enough of a good time to ensure there were no regrets once I finished university and emerged into the “real world”, a phrase bandied about by third years at university so much that it’s no longer cool. And I’ll try not to use it anymore after this blog is written.

The jump from university life into this “real world” is, in the words of one very wise person I know: “like going from the Football Conference to the Champions League”.

Last week I went from the euphoria of graduating with a first class honours degree in journalism from LJMU to moving house, unpacking, building furniture, and desperately searching for some type of employment to sustain me. It was exciting in a way, but it was also stressful and in someways very depressing.

Thankfully, things have settled down this week. I’ve accepted a job for the next six months that is definitely not a journalism one but does give me a chance to hopefully save some money and find the job I really want, as opposed to taking the plunge straight away and being stung by a total lack of money and/or a total lack of opportunities available in the industry.

All that said, my journalism career is not totally on hold. I have a busy August where I’ll be working with BBC Radio 4 in Manchester, gaining yet more experience alongside some fantastic people. And, overall it’s been a good summer for me journalistically. I’ve graduated with a great degree, got some great experience and now, I’ve formulated a plan of sorts for the months ahead.

It’s all a far cry from those care free days of student life but acceptance of the fact that it’s all over becomes easier as the days progress and the opportunities present themselves as they have.

On top of all this, the fact that I am no longer at university will hopefully mean I can blog a bit more, safe in the knowledge that when I am doing so I’m not avoiding essay or dissertation research as was often the case over the last three years.

For me that’s something to look forward to, for you my loyal readers (all three of you), I hope it is too.

Oh, and if you’re not following me on Twitter, you really should: @oconnellhugh


One thought on “From the Conference to the Champions League

  1. Congratulations on your degree Hugh. All the very best for whatever lies ahead for you. I have no doubt that the day will come when I can say “I remember meeting him in Palavas – terrific guy”. Good luck.

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