“This is the end…”

As I come to the end of my final year at Liverpool John Moores University it’s hard not to be sad particularly when I know that myself and the people who I have worked closely with over the past few months (you all know who you are) in developing our fantastic website will all be going their seperate ways come May/June time.

We will meet again for graduation (I hope!) in July and then that will be it. Some already have jobs lined up in the industry, some are going on different career paths, and some, like me, just aren’t quite sure yet.

In the short term I have a placement lined up at BBC Manchester for a month in May and I keep threatening to fill out the daunting application for BBC North but until I do that and start applying for journalism jobs elsewhere I am left contemplating how amazing these past three years of my life have been as well as cracking on with my dissertation.

I am also now doing some blogging on the general election for Sky News’ website. I posted my first entry today about the exciting election battle in Liverpool Wavertree. Do please check it out and feel free to comment.

I’ll probably spend more time procrastinating on job applications and dissertation by replying and attempting to engage in a lengthy debate!

As well as listening to morbid songs such as this…


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