Meeting Ryan Babel…and his agent!

Earlier this week I met Ryan Babel, the much maligned Liverpool winger, who was launching a competition in conjunction with Juice FM to find the next big urban music star.

As a big Liverpool fan the chance to interview one of their players was definitely not being turned down and although the focus was on Babel’s music and his search for new local talent, I was determined to slip in a few questions about the football.

Babel is now in his third season at Liverpool and things haven’t been going well. In his debut campaign we witnessed his undoubted potential as he scored a number of crucial goals and proved very effective when coming off the bench.

But last season he failed to build on this and found himself in and out of the matchday squads, never managing to hit the heights of his first season and facing plenty of criticism from fans and pundits who expected so much more from the 22-year-old.

This season, just a few games old, has been much the same. He was left out the squad completely for last week’s 4-0 league win over Burnley at Anfield and was limited to a fifteen minute cameo against Debrecen in the Champions League midweek.

I spoke to him on Monday after the Burnley game and following speculation in recent weeks that he was on his way back to Ajax from whom he signed in 2007 when the transfer window reopens in January.

Despite English being his second language, the Dutchman is a master of the football speak and deflected questions about his Liverpool future with ease when I asked him about it, insisting he intends to stay at the club.

This had as much to do with his undoubted training in the ways of dealing with interviewers as it did with his agent, present throughout the interview and hovering behind me as I asked questions.

I am reliably informed he got even closer behind me and was practically breathing down my neck as I broached the issue of Ajax towards the end of the interview. Check it out below.

Nonetheless it was a decent interview and Babel himself was an incredibly nice guy with a firm handshake, a smile and a wink. He was not at all like the typical arrogant, moody footballer nor did he display the kind of ‘don’t care attitude’ that sadly he often seems to do on the pitch.

Having met him on Monday I witnessed him at close hand, just three rows from the pitch, make an impressive substitute cameo against Debrecen on Wednesday night.

Babel up close

In his interview Babel insisted he sees his long term future at Anfield. You would like to believe it but if he is not doing the business on the pitch he may not have a choice in the matter.

But having seen what a nice guy he is, for purely selfish reasons I hope he does have a long term future at the club, realising the potential he has shown all too infrequently over the last few years.


4 thoughts on “Meeting Ryan Babel…and his agent!

  1. You want him to succeed because he’s “a nice guy”? What a sycophant. Sounds like you’d rather have Babel himself breathing down your neck instead of his agent. If he can’t cut it then it’s because he spends all his time posting showoff pics on twitter and for purely selfish reasons I hope he crashes and burns like the moneygrabbing twat he is instead of having cretins like you wanking yourselfs blind

    Don’t give up the student like son

    • Really no need for the personal abuse. Fair enough if you don’t rate him or even like him but I am entitled to my opinions.

      Having met him, which I am sure is more than you have, he comes across as a nice guy. It’s always good to see nice guys succeed, if this is not to be the case then so be it but I’d hardly say I’m wanking myself blind over him.

      • I wouldn’t want to meet “the Liverpool star those bitches are loving” because he comes across as a twat. If you’re tryin to get a job at the echo then you’re going the right way about it because this is the type of crap their entertainment scabs come out with.

        If he can’t cut it then he can’t cut it. Couldn’t care less if he comes across as a nice guy or not. That never comes into it. There were a lot of “nice guys” at Liverpool before this clown turned up.

        Look at what he says there. He believes his own hype and thinks he’s going to be the new 50 Cent. Footballers should focus on their real career and not some shitty rapping hobby which has people creeping to them.

  2. you want him to succeed cos he is a nice guy ? how old are you 12. The facts are he is all too consumed with himself and what is it about footballers who get paid good danm money to be footballers want to live the life of a rapper. Base your opinion on the product on the field mate and you will come to the same conclusion as the other 44,000 paying fans that babel was 11 million pounds of potential that we will be forced to give away for next to nothing

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