The truth about the Lies

Off the back of their number one debut album White Lies are slowly adjusting to the hype and attention that currently surrounds them.

Playing with the big boys on the big stage takes some getting used to as drummer Jack Brown explains: “We did the O2 (in London) the other week with The Cure. That was a bit overwhelming. You can’t just walk out on stage and play a show there, it takes years of practice to get to that level. So it’s kind of strange but we’re getting used to it now and starting to enjoy it a bit more.”

The trio’s post-punk indie rock sound is encapsulated on their debut album To Lose My Life… which went straight to number one at the beginning of the year, “amazing” but not the best bit says Brown: “I think the main pay off from it comes from when we do our headline shows.

“You have all these people who’ve bought the album, know all the words and that’s when it just feels important so it’s not really about the chart listing of number one.”

The development of the songs followed a very set formula. Bassist Charles Cave would come up with the lyrics, work with lead vocalist and guitarist Harry McVeigh, whose voice is eerily similar to Joy Division’s Ian Curtis, on the melody and then into the recording studio.

“We’ve never played a song live which we haven’t recorded first because for us that’s the way we finish songs, in the recording studio,” reveals Brown. “We would never want to play a song which is half complete, live. We’ll go and play it when we feel it’s perfect.”

The successful album, the sell out shows, it’s all happening. Next they tackle America where the album is just coming out. The road to success stateside is a “slow burner” but they’re confident of making an impact knowing much will hinge on their live shows.

No thoughts on a new album yet says Brown, just the here and now: “We feel we need to really work this album as hard as we can for as long we feel comfortable.

“A second album is something that we’re all excited about. I know we have ideas for it already and we’re starting to come up with plans but it’s a long way off.”

Farewell to the Fairground


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