A powerful message has made a difference

On Wednesday at Anfield, the 96 people who died at Hillsborough 20 years ago were not just remembered and honoured, their long suffering families were given hope.

The anger of the families, survivors, people of Liverpool and many others was conveyed very clearly to Culture Secretary Andy Burnham whose speech was interrupted by cries of “Justice for the 96” from the 30,000 plus people who attended the memorial service. 

This anger, reported throughout the mainstream media, has had a powerful effect.

Burnham, a good man who did well in a situation that can’t have been easy for him, relayed the people’s anger to the government and today the Liverpool Echo reports that the cabinet will probe claims of a ‘cover-up’ by South Yorkshire Police.

In the coming months they will decide whether there is a need to relax the 30-year secrecy rule if the “inquiry into an inquiry” shows any fresh evidence of police negligence on the day and in the aftermath. Nothing has been ruled in or out and that at least is a new and positive development.

The Daily Mirror has launched a campaign for justice that has the backing of 150 MPs and a petition is now online, calling for authorities to investigate whether criminal charges can be brought against any person or organisation connected with the Hillsborough disaster. It has over 4,000 signatures, it needs many more. 

Whatever you do, sign the petition. Families have fought for 20 years for justice for their lost loved ones and with your help, their fight can continue and be won. The events of the past few days have already shown the difference that can be made by your actions.


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