Meet a real life superhero!

Late last year I came across this intriguing website that is a database of people who claim to be real life superheroes, donning the tight lycra and face masks and fighting crime in the real world.

A bit of a joke you might say but these guys really do make a difference. I interviewed one of them and here’s what he had to say…

l_dc421edc03be46368be4555ae8433c66As far as we are aware the costume clad, super powered, crime fighters of the comic books don’t really exist. But that’s not to say there aren’t real life superheroes around us.

The World Superhero Registry is an online database of real life superheroes who fight crime and bring goodwill to towns and cities across the world.

Most of them are based in America, almost all of them have costumes and secret identities and some of them even claim superpowers. The Master Legend is just one of these: “I was born a superhero,” he says. “I was young and a reject and freak to the other kids but reading comics kind of told me I am a super hero.”

Based in the small city of Winter Park, Florida, The Master Legend, whose real identity is a well-kept secret, has been fighting crime for the past 22 years after moving from New Orleans where he grew up. He claims his powers come from 19th century voodoo queen Mary Laveau.

I was born with a veil and died twice already. I have secrets I can’t even explain in this world. When needed I have super human strength and speed, also a sense of danger not just to my self but others.”

He also claims super powers and strength from something called the “diamond spirit”, which he explains “is about self definition and forging your spirit till it is pure and as strong as a diamond.”

Unsurprisingly many consider his exploits a bit of joke, to these people he has a message: “What they don’t realize is that I am really a mirror to their own souls and they are the ones who are inferior and afraid.”

What is no joke is that The Master Legend really helps the underprivileged. Over Christmas he and his crime fighting buddies from Team Justice, “a worldwide team of super heroes”, handed out gifts to disadvantaged children in his area.

He is in contact with local police and even received a certificate of commendation from the local Orange County Sherriff’s office: “I single handedly cleaned up a horrible place of evil. It took me a few years but my sector of Winter Park is safe for the most part,” he claims.

Keeping his real identity secret can be challenging: “An evil girl friend try to reveal me to the world but I, an old pro, never let her know how to spell my last name.”

His mystery alter ego, his “Clark Kent”, he describes as being a normal man, a self employed caretaker, which helps pay the bills but, he adds: “I am always Master Legend with or with out the mask.”

There are still those who begrudge him and mock his exploits. But he has learned to deal with them in a way typical of any superhero, real or fictional: “Never let your enemies know where you live,” he says.

“I have had a truck smashed up and been jumped at my doorstep by some crack heads. Of course I beat the hell out of them and sent them on to jail.”





One thought on “Meet a real life superhero!

  1. Very well written article. While the World Superhero Registry and most of those other websites about real life superheroes are either horribly inaccurate and/or outdated, I like the thing that Master Legend said about being a mirror – it makes a lot of sense, because the SHINO’s (Super Heroes In Name Only) are the ones to put him down. The two-faced fakes who pretend to be perfect people, so worried about their own positive public images that they don’t even care about the people who want to be their friends. Master Legend has stood by my side as my friend and comrade for years now, even at times when everyone hated him for it and told him it made him look bad. He understands what most of the others don’t – that it’s better to be a Hero in the eyes of God, than to look like a Hero to the world. He is definetely the real deal. If I could live up to even a fraction of his great accomplishments, I would have done more than a lot of people in this world.

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